June 26, 2019

Packaging designs and trends are in a constant state of flux, but we’re determined to keep you up to date. To sum it all up, the most successful packaging these days convey a minimalist, or better yet, an essentialist aesthetic. explained the trend as “Where minimalism says ‘less is more,’ essentialism says ‘enough is enough.’” In other words, instead of stripping parts away, essentialism is all about focusing on the basics. These three trends reflect the essentialist design style which resonate so strongly.

Simplicity In Design

The best packaging has complete clarity in its purpose. By looking at the packaging you immediately understand what it is, and the values it’s trying to communicate. There’s a sense of confidence when a design doesn’t rely too heavily on busy imagery and text.

Basic Geometry

There’s something timeless about basic geometry. Many designs are focusing on using familiar shapes and patterns, but organizing them in a new way. The idea is to calm the consumer, and bring the shopping experience back to simpler days. The color palettes are often-times consisting of monochromatic, high contract, blacks and whites. The effect manages to both feel comfortably familiar, but undeniably trendy.

View From The Shelf

As all retailers know, shelf presence is a real thing. Packaging designs need to look good on shelves to attract consumers. That’s why designs are trending away from disposability, and towards saveability. Meaning that the packaging is so cool that consumers simply like how it looks on their counter, or in their pantry. Creating something with that much value certainly takes work, from design to materials, but the effect is absolutely worth the cost. A lot of people will knowingly buy a lesser product if they like the packaging.

That’s it for now, but as you know, trends are always changing, and we’ll be here to keep you informed!

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