Marble is nothing new, it’s been a staple in architecture and art for centuries. We’re still in awe of the beautiful marble works left behind by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans that have inspired buildings, statues, and monuments all over the world.

But just because marble has been around us for centuries doesn’t mean this classic medium is boring or played out.

In fact, it’s being used as an inspiring texture in almost every single design field:print, web, fashion, interior design, product design, packaging… you name it.

Carrera marble, with its clean white/grey color pallet, is currently the most popular type of marble. It plays wonderfully within the minimalist trend giving subtle texture and visual interest to designs, and acts as a neutral playing well with a variety of colors and materials such as wood, leather, metals, etc.

Recently more colorful marbles patterns have been popping up in the design world in joyful shades of pink, blue, and green breathing new life into the trend. Depending on its use, colorful marble can be chic, rich, refined, classic, glamorous, playful, or bold (and sometimes all these things rolled into one).

With so many ways to use this texture it’s clear that the

is here to stay.